Four Must Have Skills For Tomorrow’s Leaders

Every now and then it is important to take a personal inventory of your skills and abilities. I don’t mean an end of the year surface-level, quick, “hey, I’m great” type of thing. I’m talking about an honest, candid evaluation of yourself as a leader. A deep look inside.

Every time I have done this over the years, I also ask myself, “What skills do I need to develop to be more successful in the future?” There are four must have leadership skills on my list this year. They are:


Every leadership book speaks about how important it is for leader to be able to handle and manage change (when it happens). Here’s a new flash — everything now moves so fast that the new norm is a constant state of change. The only way to keep up is to have an insatiable desire to learn new things and the ability to synthesis that learning into actions that will better prepare you and your organization. You must be a learning every day.


Unless you are the CEO or President, just about every project, initiative, or new business endeavor you propose is likely to be met with skepticism. That’s ok, it’s healthy, just be prepared for it. Consensus build every chance you get. You need to make things happen by continually gaining the support of those around you.


An eye toward the horizon, knowledge of emerging trends, understanding of the impact of economic changes, these are just of few of the reasons it’s important to be forward looking. It is your responsibility to see the new openings in the market, the potential obstacles, and prepare yourself and your organization to deal with them.

Web Savvy

It’s a do it yourself world now. It’s time for leaders to have an extremely high level of comfort with all the web tools surrounding social networking like URL shorteners, monitoring applications etc, in addition to the actual sites themselves – like Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I’d even go so far to say that a basic knowledge of HTML is going to be a prerequisite for any job in a few short years. Get ahead of the curve and know more about the Web than your employees do.

What are your must have leadership skills for tomorrow?

Jeremy Victor

One thought on “Four Must Have Skills For Tomorrow’s Leaders

  1. I’m gonna add a fifth


    Fear is crippling. Fear holds you back. Fear prevents risk taking. Fear stymies creativity. Fear prevents you from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

    Fear is an emotion that can be controlled and directed.

    Fear nothing.

    Especially failure.

    Get over the societal conditioning that failure is a negative event. Take every failure as an opportunity to be a Learner. And grow.

    Fear Nothing.

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