4 thoughts on “The 5 Ws and How To Build your Social Brand

  1. Thanks for the shout Deb!

    And for being a mentor. I like the framework that you are exploring above.

    Readers may also be interested in joining the ongoing discussion that we are evolving about the misnomer, but useful “personal brand” concept.

    Online identity is a critical asset. For a recent talk that I did at the Rogers School of Mangement, I delved into it’s connections to Enterprise 2.0 success. This is not just about careers, it is about undstand the most important value drivers in your business moving forward.

    I also invite folks to drop by or consider crafting a post for http://www.memeticbrand.com my little sandbox for exploring the unique aspect of forming shared perception in a context of ubiquidous broadband connectivity.

    (sorry for the mistakes, wrapping this out from iPhone)


  2. Great stuff, Deb. I’m a 30 year veteran of design and communications, but I struggle with these same issues trying to define myself in the new Social media world. I launched a radically different type of vblog about 5 weeks ago, to (learn social media techniques and) get my head around these very concepts. Please stop by and/or comment…


    Bill O

  3. Michael! you are doing amazing work with Canada’s PR pros of the future. Your Humber College PR Brand Camp was an excellent and meaningful initiative that gave everyone involved (especially me) plenty to think about.

    I’ll be sure to check it out Bill. Thanks for the feedback. It’s so exciting doing/learning new things.

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