2 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Future model for big corporations or outcome of socialization?

  1. The old business models (reminiscent of traditional media dinosaurs) are being severely tested. Born out of a tough economy, entirely new business models are forming and the term “crowdsourcing” aptly describes the changing business landscape. And why not? It makes too much sense to ignore. For example, not long ago, the top five management consulting firms in the world were able to charge their clients several hundred dollars per hour for not even their best talent! Companies were willing to pay until the bottom fell out. Now, the new models Alex describes including “TheSocialCMO” founded by Jeff Ashcroft, The CMO Club, Social2B are comprised of a network of very bright people with varying skills and backgrounds. I know first-hand that this type of model is indeed starting to have impact and become idea factories, leveraging the best thinking of its members. Indeed, good examples of “group intelligence” at its best. Although, this blog cites a few potential disadvantages, in my view none are significant. Indeed the benefits of “crowdsourcing” far outweigh any disadvantages. I believe this trend will not only continue but pick up speed for several reasons. First, this trend will lead to even greater innovation. Secondly, the “talent on the bench” in this new model is armed with an arsenal of experience and ideas. Lastly, this future model (taking shape today) is too logical not to gain momentum. This new model has strong potential to generate far greater effectiveness and significantly higher efficiency versus today’s over-stressed, declining business models. Today, social media is about blazing new trails – not following the old ones.

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