2 thoughts on “How to Reach the C-Suite: 10 Actions to Shift into High Gear

  1. Hooray for Anne and her great ability to once again~zero in on the fundamentals of C-leadership! Great sources and quotes here too Anne! You are an inspiring example of a leader in high gear! I doubt Ford can make a car with such gears!! Congrats on this post! Well done as expected! Go get ’em! See you soon! Amy

  2. Hi Amy:
    Such kudos coming from a powerhouse “woman in high gear” is highly valued! Thank you.

    I’m not sure leaders are born–I think they have certain skills and gifts and then they cultivate them by keeping company with great people and making tough decisions with discipline and resolve.

    I have learned a lot from the CEOs I work with. Alan Mulally, one of the world’s smartest CEOs, is a refreshing example of an executive who commands respect, leads with resolve and delivers results! Can’t wait to see you in Memphis May 6!

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