4 thoughts on “Mastering social media is all about who LEADS!

  1. Great initiative.. have a one, huge caveat though:

    Social Media Domination? really?

    If there is one thing I’ve learned it is that only the Customer (actually crowds of Customers) can dominate through Social Media..

    Striving to dominate a topic on Social Media is an oxymoron.. The social web is built on user generated content.. A company can never beat the hundreds of millions of items created each day, nor should they want to, not even on a specific topic..

    Humility starts with humble goals and promises. If the book is promising Social Media domination, it is holding on to old thinking.. and you know the saying: old organization/thinking + new technology = very expensive old organization

    Or do I interpret the word “domination” wrongly? Love to hear your arguments for it..

    Thx.. Wim

  2. Hello Wim,

    Thanks for your comment and feedback it is very much appreciated!

    We have purposely not used the terminology you stated “Social Media Domination” as that is not our intention. No book, person or other entity can/should ever promise social media domination and that is not the goal here or how this section should be interpreted.

    And of course there is absolutely no intention stated or inferred in our discussion or plans for the book to “dominate” the Customer as that would be absurd.

    The usage of dominate in this case is more attuned to a natural process of increased influence based on the mastery earned through a demonstration of leadership.

    Think of dominate in a similar light to the saying “Success is a journey not a destination” and that is what this section intends. The term used is Dominate not Domination and meant more to be a state of mind rather than a defined end point.

    There will be many dominators in any given space with a constant ebb and flow as they rise and fall from this evolutionary swamp we call social media.

    Your point highlights the reason for our original inclusion of the humility statement on the importance of remaining humble even as a dominator.

    But your comment also highlights the need for us to even further stress the interpretation laid out above in the opening of this chapter to ensure we capture the true hunger and desire for excellence of a prime athlete, but one who performs without arrogance seeking to dominate their sport in a context of true sportsmanship.

    Thanks you for your valuable input!




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