Reaching out to The Social CMO community

As you may have noticed from some recent tweets, The Social CMO Crew are writing a book, entitled surprisingly enough The Social CMO!

But before we embark on this illustrious effort we want to get your opinion and input. More than four hundred thousand of you now follow the various member accounts of The Social CMO Crew and I know most of you have opinions!

The structure for the first part of the book is based upon the LEADS concept which is outlined in the companion post Mastering social media is all about who LEADS!

With this in mind, we have posted the contents for the first The Social CMO book below for you to review and comment on. So please do read them through and add your comments and suggestions below.

Is there something that’s missing, things that should be changed, removed, modified or resequenced? We value your input and opinions and over the next two weeks will review and incorporate your suggestions into the structure of the final product which we hope to deliver by the end of this year.

The Social CMO Contents


Introduction to The Social CMO

Lighting the Social Media Fire @TheSocialCMO

LEADS – Listen – Engage – Activate – Dominate – Social Mandate

Chapter One – LISTEN

They’re talking are you listening?
Social Media listening strategies
Our favorite price!
Try before you buy
There’s always the luxury models
Listening is the minimum social media response

Chapter Two – ENGAGE

To engage or not to engage?
The argument for engagement
Basic engagement approaches
Engagement on advanced levels
Dealing with engagement issues
Moving from engagement to activation

Chapter Three – ACTIVATE

Why are you using social media?
If a tweet falls in the forest
What do you mean activation?
Social Media with the end in mind
Integrating Social Media in the real world
Using basic activation tactics
Advancing activation to domination

Chapter Four – DOMINATE

Be first to dominate (but in a nice way)
If you’re going to dominate you need a plan
Dominating through execution excellence
Remaining humble even when you’re the dominator
Tactics for markets already dominated
Dominate your market NOW!


Is social media the cure for apathy?
Be a Social Media Samurai
Cause Marketing: Making your budget dollars matter
Politics and Social Media
What does your brand stand for?
Where can social media lead us?


Brand Marketing : Engagement & Activation
Crisis Management: Before you need it!
Social Media and Elevation of the individual
Social Media in the B2C marketplace
B2B Social Media Marketing from A to Z
B2C vs B2B: Do the differences really matter?
Social CRM & Web Services driving change
In search of the smorganization

Conclusion – Becoming The Social CMO

3 thoughts on “Reaching out to The Social CMO community

  1. Twitter input from @kevinc2003

    @B2Bspecialist @TheSocialCMO think another element “learn” as adjunct to “listen” is important. how we improve is critical to how we respond

    Reply from Chris Herbert @B2Bspecialist

    @kevinc2003 @thesocialcmo good point about learning as important adjunct to listening when using social Q: r we a learning society 2day?

    Reply from @JeffAshcroft

    @kevinc2003 Hi Kevin Tks Interesting comment~within Ch 6 SMORGASBORD we have an article which includes Senge’s Learning Organization concept

    Further from @JeffAshcroft

    @kevinc2003 In the listen section (which @B2Bspecialist is contributing to) need to ensure it is clear that Listen = Hearing = Learning Tks!

    We will incorporate this feedback into the LISTEN chapter Thanks Kevin!!

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