3 thoughts on “Reaching out to The Social CMO community

  1. Twitter input from @kevinc2003

    @B2Bspecialist @TheSocialCMO think another element “learn” as adjunct to “listen” is important. how we improve is critical to how we respond

    Reply from Chris Herbert @B2Bspecialist

    @kevinc2003 @thesocialcmo good point about learning as important adjunct to listening when using social Q: r we a learning society 2day?

    Reply from @JeffAshcroft

    @kevinc2003 Hi Kevin Tks Interesting comment~within Ch 6 SMORGASBORD we have an article which includes Senge’s Learning Organization concept

    Further from @JeffAshcroft

    @kevinc2003 In the listen section (which @B2Bspecialist is contributing to) need to ensure it is clear that Listen = Hearing = Learning Tks!

    We will incorporate this feedback into the LISTEN chapter Thanks Kevin!!

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