Video Interview: Social Media in the Supply Chain

Happy to have the opportunity to share with all of you the video of an interview I did with SupplyChainBrain on Social Media in the Supply Chain recorded at the Aberdeen SCM Summit in San Francisco.

Even if you’re not in supply chain directly, many of the concepts discussed on employee engagement and empowerment can equally be applied in many industries and large organizations. As well one of my favorite topics lately which can also be generally applied is functional integration and this represents a key benefit to be gained through companies using social media.

This speaks to functional integration both within your own company but social media also facilitates the ability to more easily functionally integrate across company lines back to your suppliers and downstream to customers as well.

Once you’ve watched the video I’d be very interested in your sharing comments here and on the You Tube channel of how this resonates with you or any related experiences and successes you can share.


Jeff Ashcroft


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