MarketerMonday Chat with @ckburgess & @mnburgess

Tonite we completed our fifth MarketerMonday Chat #MMchat with SPECIAL guests Cheryl @ckburgess & Mark @mnburgess and our topic was Agency Blueprint for Social Media Business.

This is only the fifth #MMchat we’ve held and over the last seven days have had 1,101 tweets by 179 contributors. See #MMchat for more details on MarketerMonday Chat our previous SPECIAL guests, transcripts and our upcoming schedule.

Thanks again to Cheryl & Mark as well as all of you who joined us and participated in this interesting and lively chat!

Check out the full transcript of tonite’s chat at and please join us next week as @KentHuffman joins us! Kent is the original founder of #MarketerMonday and will be joining us August 30th at 8:00 pm EST to discuss Social Media Resources.


Jeff Ashcroft


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