2 thoughts on “It’s not about collecting, it’s about connecting!

  1. Well put, Karima! Sometimes we as Social Media practitioners, tend to forget that Social Media is still such a new frontier for the majority of businesses out there. And people tend to want to simplify everything. They figure, if we collect all these Fans now, at least once we figure out what we’re going to do with them, we’ll have a base to start from. But if they don’t “feed” them, they’ll risk losing them, and even having them talk up the brand disfavourably.

    We’ll get there eventually. And if you keep writing and informing the way you did in this post, businesses will eventually recognize that Social Media is another channel that they have to take seriously and start allocating some real budget against.

  2. I completely agree! It’s refreshing to see that some brands are finally realizing that social media is its own art form and isn’t just about numbers! Those who “connect” rather than just “collect” will build loyalty and surpass those who fail to grasp the concept of social media as a relationship building platform :)

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