2 thoughts on “Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so [a rant]

  1. And if you’re uninformed, how can you have the context to distinguish between different kinds of people to tell compelling stories and change folks’ minds?

  2. Salient points but I think Seth is preaching to the converted.

    Is it safe to say that, in general, the audience reading his blog or this one probably suffers, if anything, from reading too much, too often.

    Never taking a moment to just sit…perhaps to relax? Like, in the airport.

    I have books, articles and podcasts on my phone and am engaged with one of them almost all the time. It’s a bit excessive.

    Anyone relate? I don’t have cable (not from lack of desire!), mostly because I’m always reading or writing something.

    I feel like most of the people I know are in this boat – especially if they read Godin or this blog.

    Where could Godin post this so it gets to the audience who needs to hear it? ….hm.

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