3 thoughts on “Social Media and the Cult of Personality

  1. Ms. Spaight,

    You say “what’s real, and important, and lasting, like friendship and family and community and basic kindness.”

    Social media is a great place to ‘promote’ your current exploits to friends(both new and old), family and your community.

    If what you are doing inspires others, great. If not, who cares? The best thing is that social media gets you quick responses, whether they are critical or encouraging.

    There is nothing wrong with aggressively ‘branding’ yourself online, as long as you are doing things that are important to you. And, the more people who know what you are doing, the more feedback you get… and therefore — the greater opportunities for personal growth.

    I think you should try to look for the value in people’s posts… and if they aren’t saying anything important, then tell them.

    Keep the ‘social’ in social media.


    Gregory Alan Elliott

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