5 thoughts on “Why Chris Brogan is Invincible

  1. Here is one comment to start with :)

    What can I say, people need heroes. Brogan is a modern hero and rightfully so, as he keeps himself on the forefront of social media.

    Actually, this is not even about social media. It can be applied anywhere, anytime.

  2. I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan and frequently link to and retweet his posts. I find him one of the most creative users of social media there is, as he always communicates in interesting ways, takes new approaches, and posts relevant topics. I also met him in person at a conference, and found him very genuine and approachable. I am, however, sometimes disappointed that he emphasizes the importance of connecting and community, and yet I have commented on his blog and social media updates across the board on numerous occasions, and never heard back, even during times when he only had a handful of responses and could have easily written, “thanks for your comment.” So, this seems to be a bit at odds with his almost feverish sense of community. I would like to see more connection there. I also get a little confused about his brand with all the multiple businesses he has launched, and wonder why so many?

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