2 thoughts on “Will Canadian retailers survive?

  1. Wow! What a post! This just sums it all up. Great job, KC! And it obviously applies to US companies as well, but being Canadian, and having shopped on both sides of the border, one has to wonder if Canadian Retailers really get it.

    Coming from the world of Customer Experience Management, I can vouch that companies didn’t get it before Social came on the scene. They figured that they could run these online POS surveys and they would catch all the problems at their stores. Few companies have taken a holistic, integrated, silo breaking view of their customer – there’s still a lot of lip service out there; even today, when CEM is supposed to be such a hot topic.

    Now we add Social to the mix. The Executive team doesn’t get it. Especially in retail. They just bundle it all under the heading “Facebook – something that my kids use. It’s a waste of time.” The Executive team needs to be educated. They need to include Social into the overall business strategy.

    And I like your tips for the front-line staff. Problem is, many of them are un-motivated, underpaid, and not overly-engaged in a positive culture. It all comes across in how they end up servicing the customer, both at the store level, and even from head office – the people that manage the Twitter, Facebook, and customer service email accounts of the company, just aren’t working as a team to delight the customer.

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