6 thoughts on “The End of Networking as We Know It!

  1. I’ve ordered a copy, rather old fashioned but I ordered the paperback. This looks to be the perfect book to give those who still look at me skeptically even after two years, concerning my foray into twitter. They need old fashioned :-)

    I love the title, and the cover design looks appropriate and inviting. Thank you for writing a much needed “tool” we can present, and maybe even convert the skeptics in our lives!

    Cheers @CASUDI

  2. You’ve tapped into something here Caroline. I’m finding that many agencies and individuals are buying the books to hand out to skeptical clients and co-workers. After the first 25 pages, I think it would be hard for anybody to be a skeptic. Twitter works.

  3. Mark: I completely feel the same way about the networking groups – often have very little true business connections and seems more like a half-witted attempt to make some people feel productive.

    I’ve connected with hundreds of amazing people, thought leaders, and mentors using Twitter (as an example). Much better way to invest time!

  4. Mark, I love that you did this! I agree with you about the benefits and joys of networking via Twitter. I have found in to be an incredible tool for business, and love talking to people about its use. I look forward to seeing your book too. Take care…always nice to see you in these spaces!

  5. Mark, aloha. Look forward to reading your book. Learned about it from Ingrid & Brankica who is spreading the word everywhere.

    Meeting new friends and business contacts on twitter is every so much better than the networking events you reference. Aloha. Janet

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