Time for Social Integration for TV and Publishing in 2012!

We may look back at 2011 as the year social integration into TV and publishing really accelerated in velocity. At least, we’ve seen that in the clients we work with.

Mass Relevance partnered with nearly 100 TV producers, broadcasters and publishers last year, in addition to our work with brands and retailers (stay tuned for more on this). In collaboration with our clients, we established best practices and processes to integrate real-time social content into live and scripted shows, next to articles and immersive social experiences.

Our Director of Content and Production, Derek Dodge (ex-CNN Social Producer) put together this ‘sizzle reel’ of some our TV and media work last year.

When it comes to social, we’re seeing more and more US and international TV producers are ‘getting it’.

Broadcasting executives are paying attention to how integrating social into linear TV and digital is making a difference in audience growth and tune in. These are early days, but those who are moving now are the ones that are evolving and gaining competitive advantage. Moreover, we’re witnessing a ‘building’ of audiences over time. So there’s a “Net Present Value” effect of getting started with social now. Each audience member that experiences the opportunity to engage socially is more likely to amplify that experience and come back. Perhaps this is why The Voice (in their first season) was the most social show, despite American Idol launching 10 years ago.

Where is this all going? We see producers and publishers are evolving quickly after an initial project, event or show. They’re looking to consistently integrate their real-time audience into the show, the site, the app, the second screen experiences, and involve talent in the experience. At Mass Relevance we’re ready. We’ve built the infrastructure of real-time social aggregation, filtering and moderation at large scale. We’ve built many ready-to-go digital visualizations and our team now has a great deal of experience on how to integrate into TV and media. So the stage is set (no pun intended) for a big year in Social Experience Integration for 2012!

Sam Decker