Badgeville Partners with Yammer to Enhance Employee Performance and Engagement

Badgeville, the gold standard for gamification, today announced a key integration that builds on its partnership with Yammer, the leading provider of enterprise social networks. With this integration, companies can enhance employee performance by leveraging Badgeville to reward high-value user behaviors across the enterprise, and showcase them in the Yammer Ticker, a real-time activity stream.

“We are committed to partnering with first-class business applications to create a powerful social layer across the enterprise, increasing visibility and insights in every corner of an organization,” said An Le, VP of Business Development, Yammer. “Badgeville’s behavior platform helps us deliver on that vision by rewarding employee performance and pulling those key milestones into Yammer where the whole company can discover them.”

The Behavior Platform by Badgeville enables companies to build stickier, more engaging experiences on their websites and enterprise applications. By applying proven game, social, and reputation mechanics inherent in today’s most successful Web properties that drive desired behavior, companies can realize better user adoption and engagement with their existing technology investments.

“Yammer helps companies build a powerful social layer that connects their workers with relevant updates from colleagues and enterprise systems across the organization for the modern, social enterprise,” says Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. “Complementing that vision, Badgeville helps companies build an engagement layer that maximizes their workers’ utilization of these tools and move the needle on key business processes.”

How the integration works

Leveraging The Behavior Platform, companies can reward high-value user behavior in any of their enterprise applications. For example, a company could configure their support application to give a virtual reward (i.e. The Support Rock Star) to an employee every time he closes 10 support tickets in one day.
After The Behavior Platform triggers that reward in the IT support community, CRM system, or any other enterprise application, it will then be published in the Yammer Ticker.
In the Yammer Ticker, employees can visualize the reward, post replies to it and encourage more of the same high-value behaviors.

Deloitte, the large consulting firm, leverages both Badgeville and Yammer to drive better knowledge sharing and build an employee rank and reputation system around specific areas of expertise. Deloitte’s internal Who What Where mobile app, built on Yammer APIs, rewards consultants who “check-in” and share who they’re meeting with on the road, what they discussed, and where it took place.

As employees gain rewards for sharing this valuable information with their colleagues, those Badgeville-powered rewards are published in Deloitte’s Yammer Ticker. Leveraging Badgeville’s widget studio, Deloitte highlights the rewards in its social intranet, enabling employees to showcase their status, reputation and expertise. Because executives at Deloitte also engage with Yammer (including Deloitte’s CEO), employees who unlock badges and rewards are able to showcase their talents.

“We added Yammer to drive better knowledge sharing and overall communication across our company,” says James Sanders, manager of Deloitte Digital. “With Badgeville, we’re able to reward high-value behavior that supports that mission, keeping our employees more engaged and aligned with our company goals.”

About Badgeville

Badgeville, the Behavior Platform, makes it easy for business leaders to measure and influence behavior across customer, partner, developer and employee communities. The leading provider of SaaS enterprise gamification solutions and services, Badgeville’s global client roster features the world’s most innovative enterprises across virtually every industry, including Samsung, Recyclebank, Deloitte, Dell, eBay, Universal Music, The Active Network, and more. Founded in 2010, Badgeville is based in Menlo Park, Calif., and has offices in New York and Europe. For more information, visit Badgeville on the web at

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