Twitter Set to Institute New Hashtag Controls

Due to the confusion and number of complaints Twitter receives surrounding the misuse of hashtags and people using the same hashtag for different uses they are preparing to set new controls.

Effective May 1st Twitter will be introducing a new registration system for hashtags so that the first to register a hashtag with a specific meaning will be official for use going forward.

Those currently using popular hashtags will want to register theirs early before someone else does. As following implementation those accounts misusing registered hashtags will first receive warnings. Repeat offenders will face suspension of their Twitter counts.

This is good news for hashtag advertisers and is widely expected to lead to increased volumes of hashtag ads.

Although not confirmed, there are also rumors of a registration fee for each hashtag. This could be another major source of revenue for Twitter and requests for clarification from @biz at Twitter the answer was no comment.

User reaction to this has so far been negative due to the additional work required for registration. As far as the fee for registering many users are already up in arms. @Scobelizer when asked for comment said “That’s effing ridiculous hashtags should remain free!”

And we could not agree more #April Fools!

Happy #AprilFools Day from The Social CMO Crew!