Social Media Radio with @BeverlyMacy interviews Ted Rubin–ted-rubin

The World’s Most Followed CMO – Ted Rubin

Tuesday 10/29 3:00 pm 

Ted is the most followed CMO on Twitter according to Social Media Marketing Magazine; one of the most interesting CMOs on Twitter according to Say Media, #13 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, 2013, and number #2 on the Leadtail August 2013 list of Top 25 People Most Mentioned by digital marketers.

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Why Relationships & Advocacy Are Keys to Social Success (Webinar via @EngageSciences)


October 23, 2013 by engagesciences

On Tuesday October 22 Richard Jones, the CEO of EngageSciences was joined by Ted Rubin, globally recognised as the most followed CMO on Twitter for a live webinar on “Why Relationships and Advocacy Are The Keys to Social Success”.

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Understanding Luxury Goods

A luxury good gets its value from its lack of utility and value. A typical consumer would look at what it costs and what it does and say, “that’s ridiculous.”

When a good like this (and it might be a service as well) comes to market, it sometimes transcends the value equation and enters a new realm, one of scarcity and social proof. The value, ironically, comes from its lack of value.

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Duane Reade Strategy Creates 1 Million+ Engaged Twitter Followers


~via Wired City… New York City drug store giant Duane Reade is connecting with more customers via social media.


Its Twitter fan base surpassed 1 million followers, a major milestone for the Walgreen-operated drug store chain among the drug, food and mass-arena segment. Duane Reade has raised its presence on Twitter more than 6,000 percent in the past year.

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Customer Loyalty Management via the Customer Service Silo

All of your employees work in the marketing department, at least to some extent, and they need to understand the role they play. But to create a strong foundation for customer loyalty management, there are a few departments within your company that absolutely need to sync with marketing. Your customer service department is the most important.

Here are four ways you can leverage your customer service team to effectively manage customer loyalty, build relationships, and turn customers into fans. Think Return on Relationship… because there is no better time than when your customers reach out to you.

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It’s Time for a Personal Board of Advisors

BoardofAdvisorsBuilding a business from scratch is hard work; and it’s even harder if you’re an On-Ramper—a person who took time off work to raise children, enjoy a sabbatical, or care for aging parents. At the age of 40 I started my business and one of the first, and smartest, things I did was assemble a personal board of advisors. To succeed in business, it’s important to be self-aware. That includes knowing that you don’t know, as my father always said.

I didn’t have 20 years to figure out the art of doing business, so I needed to surround myself with the most successful people that I could connect with and ask if they would kindly serve as my personal board of advisors. How did I do that? I reached out and asked. Fortunately for me, each one said Yes.

What did I ask of my board? If they would be willing to be accessible, to listen, and to guide me in the best direction for success. They helped me answer the following types of questions:

  • Should I pursue a WBE certification?
  • Should I invest the time to compete for a state contract?
  • Should I volunteer service on another board?
  • How do I approach a client who is 60 days past due?
  • How should I respond to a company who wants to co-brand?
  • How do I navigate the hiring process?
  • Should I negotiate a 3-year or 5-year commercial space lease?

As an entrepreneur, I had to make good decisions the first time, and my board was critical in helping me grow.

I felt it was important to have diverse industries and ages on my board. I wanted people who could help me think of unintended consequences and bring skills that I didn’t have. One advisor is a successful family practice physician who is leading the country in electronic medical records implementation; one is a business owner who founded an institutional bond firm; one is a mother who started her IT firm after leaving IBM and ramped up to crest $5 million in revenue; one is a 30-year veteran in land development and the automotive industry leading a company with $80 million in revenue; and one is a business owner of a commercial mortgage banking firm.

All have deep experiences with growing their companies, making decisions based on the bottom line, navigating workplace challenges, and rebounding from recessions. I soon realized the value of that level of guidance—priceless. In fact, it’s probably worth more than an MBA.

Dr. Robert K. Nielsen jokes that he’s still waiting for our annual board meeting to be at The Greenbrier. That’s an aspirational goal for me, but every day I look at the picture on my desk and am thankful for how much each one has played a role in my high gear journey.

Whether you’re just thinking about your business idea or ready to launch a new service, I strongly encourage you to assemble your own personal board of advisors to capture decades of business wisdom and the objectivity to send you to the next level.

What Every Marketer Can Learn By Going Lean

I never thought I would be penning a piece using the word “lean” in the title. Being six-foot three and weighing 250 pounds the word “lean” and I are not always in the same neighborhood, or country for that matter. But when I heard about a different kind of lean, one that brands and marketers and business owner of all sizes can benefit greatly from – my naturally investigative mind took over and I knew I had to learn more.

What I found was Lean, with a capital L. Some refer to it as “Lean manufacturing”, “Lean enterprise”, or “Lean production” where others just refer to it as “Lean.” Whatever name you prefer it all essentially means the same thing: maximizing customer value while minimizing waste.

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A “Must Attend” for heads of Marketing: @TheCMOClub #CMOsummit



The evening of October 08, 2013 – October 10, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA

I have personally attended 7 Summits and have ALWAYS left wishing there was another I could attend the very next month. Looking forward to Keynoting and discussing Influencer Marketing with Tami Cannizzaro and Bryan Kramer

Stay Connected, networked and work with your peers, behind closed doors… No vendor selling permitted

120+ Heads of Marketing to Attend with 40 Leading Sessions

What Marketing Executives get from the Summit

1. Solve your biggest challenges as a marketing executive

2. Build you rnetwork and start lifelong relationships with CMO’s

3. Learn high impact ideas for leading your marketing team and buildling credibility with your CEO & Board

4. Recharge your battery and get inspired for success in 2013 and 2014!

By far the most valuable CMO event I attended so far in 2013. The most engaged group of CMOs I know” – Paula Puelo, CMO, Michaels

Every CMO Club Summit I attend I end up with 2-3 year impacting ideas for my company. Nothing is better than getting great ideas from your peers without vendor selling” – Evan Greene, CMO, The Recording Academy

Engaged marketing heads, focused on helping each other, behind closed doors. Great inspiration as well” – Fred Neil, VP Marketing, The Home Depot

I have never been in the same room with so many bright marketers and leaders, all focused on helping each other. Unlike anything else I have ever attended. The post summit engagement with other CMOs is amazing as well.” – Nancy Smith, CMO, iRobot

Nothing challenges me more to improve as a leader to my team, then seeing what others are doing to motivate and lead their organizations – Thanks to The CMO Club for creating a real community of CMOs.” – Ashley Sheetz, CMO, Gamestop.

Foster Relationships With Content ~via @Brand_Innovator #bisummit



I’m keynoting the Brand Innovators Content Marketing Summit today and thinking about the connections between what we call content and how customers connect to it. I must admit that what I see confuses me somewhat. Every day brands and marketers spend millions trying to convince consumers to use, keep using, and share their content. But why aren’t they doing everything they can, and using some of those millions to make experiences with their brand remarkable. It would probably be way less that they are spending on those marketing campaigns.  When this happens user-generated, story-telling content flows freely, and is naturally shared.

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How to Become a B2B Social Sales Machine

Social adoption rates are rocketing and the impact of social networking within society continues to grow. But surprisingly enough, there are many in the business to business marketing sphere who still don’t “get” it. With this in mind I recently put together a fast moving and to the point keynote presentation to open the eyes of B2B salesforces and socially energize them!

“Becoming a B2B Social Sales Machine” in simple, sales oriented terms explains what the B2B social networking sales opportunity means. Sharing how both individuals and ultimately the combined organization can leverage content, connections, context, collaboration and community to drive real results!

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