Important Advice for Reaching Out via LinkedIn and Facebook

A little advice for people here using LinkedIn and Facebook, more of a very strong suggestion… stop sending out invites without a personalized note, and best if that note offers a reason you want to connect.

Just saying people… it’s all about building relationships, not just being connected, and the first step of that relationship is the introduction… especially if we have never met!


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Why CMOs Need To Remember They Are Consumers, Too

Note: While this article is written directly toward CMOs, make no mistake about it, CEOs should heed this advice, too.

The time has come. The time to remind the leaders of marketing departments across the land that they are also consumers, too and as such they need to care about consumers and the business they bring to the bottom line; and that they need to care about things that go way beyond a marketing plan.

In other words they need to remember they are people, too, just like the person on the other end of that cash register, email, Facebook post, advertisement and on and on and on.

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Evolving stories beyond closed to open social collaborative



The arts are one of the few industries that exist today where exclusive control may result in a stronger creation.   Think of musicians who have succeeded without a record label, or independent films powered by open social interest.  In business, the opposite is happening.  Greater innovations are being created through shared IP and collaborative strategic partnerships.   This open approach to business development is counter to traditional beliefs that IP if closed/proprietary, or so unique that it is incompatible with competition – would be of greater value to the market.    The business culture and leadership vision, whether closed or open,  is evident in a brand.  Brands born out of a culture that is closed and control-minded, usually show limited interest in engaging with people and pursuing new collaborative partnerships.  In contrast, brands born out of an  open, social, and collaborative business culture, are usually the brands that are most enduring, share-worthy, and human.

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Logistics, Systems Key to Social Business Customer Experience

Recently IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando was a great opportunity to catch up with a number of thought leaders and frontline practitioners working every day to bring Social Business to life.

Numerous reports have been emerging showing that anywhere from 50 to 70% of both B2B and B2C sales in coming years will be driven via the web through online and social marketing channels making the movement to a social business approach a must for leading firms.

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Learning to speak “Human” #H2H




In his new e-book There is No B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human: #H2H my good friend Bryan Kramer gives some wise advice to brands: “I don’t care what language you speak, who your brand is or what message you’re trying to send, we all need to speak more human.” I love that statement because it so perfectly reminds us that in the midst of all of our increasingly complex digital sophistication, making the human connection is more important than anything else. Because of the power of social to inform and educate consumers, companies need to be a part of the social scape, and that’s means functioning in the world on a human to human scale. They can no longer afford to hide behind a logo. They have to converse with their market and above all, listen.

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Why Music Plays A Big Role When It Comes To Branding

I know, far it be for me to write an article which brings together music and branding. I kid of course for by now you surely know of my love affair with the concept of marrying and meshing the worlds of advertising, marketing and branding with that of pop culture – in this case, music specifically.

Not long ago I read a quote attributed to pop singer Adele in which she says “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

Coming from an artist that makes perfect sense of course.

However, in our world of marketing and advertising — especially in today’s highly visual world where Pinterest, Instagram and other image-based platforms are becoming more popular with each passing day — the need is paramount for the right music to be married to the right brand.

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Voting for Marketing Book of The Year is Open & Return on Relationship is on the List, #RonR…

Below originally posted at Marketing Book of The Year 2014

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Welcome to Marketing Book of The Year 2014.2013 was a very successful year for marketing books. We saw lots of different titles being published and covering most marketing aspects.

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Should Social Media Outsourcing be Illegal? ~guest post via @BLichtenwalner


Many companies completely outsource social media management. These companies may have good reasons for this decision. Yet, when outsourced, social media communications misrepresent reality. In fact, is it possible that completely outsourcing your social media accounts should be outlawed? Below are a couple issues to consider:

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It’s Not OK…




It is not ok to just use social channels to just broadcast.

It is not ok to simply advertise and call it Social Media.

It is not ok to block employees from accessing social media sites while at work.

It is not ok to discourage employees from building their own personal brands.

It is not ok to allow PR agencies to be your social voice without regular input from company employees.

It is not ok to let interns set your social media strategy.

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