Conversation is the Ultimate Content

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Make your content focused on conversation instead of thinking of yourself as a media business like so many are now preaching. Instead think of your brand as the people who make it up, and change the focus from “Convince & Convert” to “Converse & Convert!” Content creates conversation between you and more importantly amongst others. 

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How Can a Brand Stand Out in Social?


Choose To Be Remarkable


To me it is really simple, if you want to stand out then do what most others are not doing, actually be social when using social media. Put on your human face, and look to make friends and build relationships. It is not about how many will actually look to do that with you, but that you make that a part of your social DNA for the world to see.

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Evolving Stories from Marketed Communication To Co-Creation

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Not all brand stories are created equal. Nor do they have the same social value. The traditional process of brand storytelling that uses advertising, collateral, digital etc., is a process owned and lead by a brand/business and their agency partners. Such forms of brand communication will usually attempt to talk “to” people through an out-bound (push) marketing approach (see Theme #2 regarding Mass Media Push). Contrast this to brand stories born externally, crafted by people about brands, and in collaboration with brands. These stories are usually inspired by direct experiences, emotional connections, and engagement opportunities that allow people to be heard, and/or co-create directly with brands themselves. The outcomes are people-powered brand stories that represent a new form of value, or social currency. As more than 80% of all online content is now user generated, the value of user generated brand stories will only grow exponentially. The social currency value of content will ultimately depend on the perceived authenticity of the story itself, and the share of human versus manufactured voice, within brand communication.

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Men are from Mars, Women Like Social Media ~via @InsideCXM




More than once, I’ve read statistics that demonstrate how women are much more likely to use social media than men. Some of those statistics focus on the specific role a woman may have in life. One that I noticed specifically mentioned how quite a few mothers utilize social media to do something that women have always done well – communicate their likes and dislikes.

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My Mom Taught Me to be Available


Last Photo of Mom & the girls 2009


My mom was the one in the neighborhood who always was available to drive to and from any activity, and she insisted on taking anyone home who did not have a ride. She worked full-time as an elementary school teacher but always managed to make the time, be there for anything and everything, and show sincere interest. She was also welcome at all sporting events until the day she walked on a wrestling mat to tell the referee how to do his job. After that she was banned – LOL.

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So Glad I Met the @InfoGraphicTeam

Infographics are a great way to convey information and data visually to a broad audience and make your content easily shareable. As part of an overall branding, marketing and, syndication strategy, infographics are a great tool. The infographic helps to simplify your message through visuals, making it easier to understand, and empowers others to share and interact with the content very often much more so than the blog post itself.

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What is BulletProof Branding? My Forward for @westfallonline’s New Book

POSTED BY  ON APR 25, 2014

What is BulletProof Branding? with @TedRubin

Introducing BulletProof Branding

Here’s the foreword to my new book by none other than Ted Rubin, one of the greatest strategic marketers on the planet. As an expert I really respect, I had to ask Ted to comment on the book – and, of course, he offered his insights as only he can.  The book launches on May 1, 2014, and I wanted to share Ted’s foreword with you.

Social Media Myths Busted… Ted Rubin interviewed by @CoachLaura [video]

Social Media Myths Busted with Ted Rubin and Laura Rubinstein

Social Media Myths Busted with Ted Rubin and Laura Rubinstein

Streamed live on Apr 16, 2014 How To Turn Your Social Media Resistance Into Revenues. Interview with Ted Rubin


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