How do you Define a Social Business?

Let’s define a social business and how it is evolving. It’s not just “being social” with your customers (having social profiles where you know they hang out); it’s about being more connected in your business processes as well. Stop thinking in terms of silos of information and people, and start thinking about ways to connect everyone.

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Newegg Launches Bitcoin Payment Option in Canada: BitPay Service Powers Expanded Virtual Currency Acceptance

August 26, 2014 ­ Los Angeles, CA ­ Newegg <>, the leading electronics e-retailer in North America, today announced that bitcoin payments are now accepted from Canadian customers. Canada is the first country outside of the United States where Newegg accepts bitcoin payments for merchandise (#NeweggBitcoin). Canadian customers can now purchase thousands of products including electronics, computers and game consoles using bitcoin through the BitPay platform. The secure payment method gives customers another convenient option to fulfill their e-shopping needs.

³Newegg is deeply committed to growing its business internationally ­ serving customers overseas, introducing new products from key Asian markets and evolving the way we transact with our global customer base,² said Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer of Newegg North America.

³Extending bitcoin acceptance to our Canadian customers is yet another important milestone as we build the company¹s international presence.²

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When People ask me What’s the ROI of Social…

When people ask me what’s the ROI of Social, I ask them… what’s the ROI of Trust, and what’s the ROI of Loyalty. The answer, when used to build relationships the results will be… longer lifetime value of a customer, larger average order value, and increased frequency of purchase. All measurable and all lead to increased sales and profits.

Brands/Companies that use social successfully reap the rewards of customer satisfaction, deeper employee loyalty, more effective knowledge sharing, improved brand reputation, lowered costs, and most importantly… increased revenues.

ROR (#RonR) = ROI


#SMTShorts Ted Rubin on Upping Engagement on Twitter

Return on Relationship: Powerful Tips on Building Your Brand… @visalawyerblog interviews Ted Rubin


Serendipitously go into your following, reach out to people – just like what you might have done in the old days when you had a telephone book.” – Ted Rubin, on taking advantage of social networking sites. 

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Your Workforce is Disengaged: Here’s What To Do About it


Change is in the air. With disruptive technologies hitting businesses from the outside in and the inside out, how companies invest in technology and ultimately how people use it to get work done is under significant re-evaluation. At the same time, the rising workforce clash between older and younger generations is also pushing HR to radically reform management processes and education programs.

Indeed, change is the air. In fact it’s imminent. But change is never programmatic nor is it ever easy.  And, all too often, change is a reactive response to areas of disruption rather than a proactive step to head it off.

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Real Trumps Perfect… Stop Worrying so Much and Engage!

There are several reasons why I think businesses hamstring their social efforts. First, there’s an overriding, if misguided, pressure to get things “perfect” on social, which is sometimes used as an excuse to avoid getting involved at all. The permanent nature of anything that’s posted on the web tends to freak out the “control the message” crowd who has their fingers poised over the delete button to instantly erase ill-advised comments or content. We’re never far removed from the latest social snafu by a public figure, or the next one to come, and that fear can be paralyzing.

Second, there’s a certain amount of mistrust of employees by corporations on social channels. What if they say something stupid? What if they take a photocopy of their posterior at the company Christmas party and post it on Facebook? What if our perfect reputation is trashed by one Tweet? What if, what if, what if?

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How Duane Reade Leads it’s Industry in Content Marketing

Co-Authors: John Andrews and Ted Rubin

AMA recently published an article that I reposted yesterday, The Retweet that Never Sleeps, about Duane Reade’s highly successful content marketing approach that has helped the tiny (in terms of store count) retailer outperform much larger competitors in terms of social media engagement (National Drug chain CVS has just 10% of the Twitter audience of Duane Reade for Example). The Tri-State area only retailer (256 Stores) which is a subsidiary of Walgreens uses a content marketing platform that is powered by a group of influencers known at the Duane Reade VIP Bloggers.  This unique model leverages the local knowledge of brand advocates along with their individual audiences to deliver highly relevant organic content across a wide spectrum of social media channels. Twitter studied the approach and created a great case study about it.

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The Retweet That Never Sleeps

Originally posted by Molly Sloat at American Marketing Association

John Andrews and I, along with Duane Reade’s Calvin Peters, devised this strategy when we were running Collective Bias. This is all about Return on Relationship, #RonR… 

Duane Reade; Twitter strategy; Molly Soat; Marketing News; American Marketing Association

New York-based drugstore chain Duane Reade launched a localized, influencer-led Twitter strategy to boost followers and store traffic


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 6.10.47 PM


Developing content to build an engaged Twitter audience for your brand can be tough, and the potential payoffs can be hard to define. People might sign on to read your witty one-liners or to see your compelling visuals, but can a robust Twitter following result in direct sales impact, particularly for a brand with no e-commerce presence? Duane Reade Inc. thinks so.

Via a localized and photo-heavy Twitter campaign, the 54-year-old New York-based pharmacy brand grew its Twitter following by more than 6,700% between 2012 and 2013, and also drove results at the register, says Calvin Peters, PR and digital communications manager at Duane Reade. “The challenge was to increase our community across the board, from New Yorkers to tourists. We are lucky to be able to leverage New York in our social media. With the landmarks, the buildings and the city itself, many consider New York to be the capital of the world. We’re a brand that started in New York, and because of our vast footprint in the metropolitan area, we get to leverage that.”

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