The Social CMO where the medium is the messages.

Tweetsourcing only the best content for CMO and Chief Marketing Officers from across the mediaplex. Social media networks are at the tipping point and are key to future success in brand, advertising, PR, customer service and communication with all actors.

THE SOCIAL CMO is an informal consortium of likeminded and dynamic individuals who have embraced social media and the opportunity it represents for advertising, PR, sales and marketing.

Participating professionals are also eager to share their social experiences, successes and knowledge with all through contributing to THE SOCIAL CMO blog.

If you like the content The Social CMO communicates here imagine how much more you could learn by participating.

Blog by: Jeff Ashcroft Address: 16715-12 Yonge St., Suite 208, Newmarket,ON,Canada,L3X 1X4 Phone: 905.953.9963 Email: cmo@smgrapevine.com

One thought on “About

  1. hi social CMO team,

    just to say that I’m fully aligned with your vision. I’m following you in twitter when I notice your bio below:

    “~ Chief Marketing Officers sharing power of social media networks & coffee… Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!”

    We can help with the coffee 🙂

    have a great evening.

    john lima
    CEO, Coffee Bean Technology

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