Every once in a while, when we least expect it, life gives us a new turn, a twist and sometimes a shake. And we often don’t know what to do. Three weeks ago I was told something that would once again in the past 1 1/2years¬† change my life and my perceptions on how short and valuable life is. But what is most important, once I heard the news and got into my car to head home to soak it all in, my Garmin said something I had heard a million times before ( see I am geographically challenged and need my Garmin for directions) she said “recalculating.”

Normally this means, we are going in a different direction. Or, we are going to take a different route based on current input. But that day, “recalculating,” took on a whole new meaning. It meant, just that, Cd, we are still heading in new directions, you’re still learning to take a different route and most importantly based on input, whether it be health, finances, family or friends, you need to recalculate.

Recalculate > Rethink > Regroup > Look ahead > Yes it’s about you and what is happening now,¬† but use current circumstances (input) to rethink your goals,plans and dreams.

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I won’t over think. I will get something wrong. And I will REWORK

That is my way of doing things now. Thinking it through. Thinking of some ways to go about accomplishing my goals (strategies) and then deciding to do it.

I have been reading REWORK, by Jason Fried and David Hansson. With each chapter I feel as though I’m sitting in a church pew and listening to the preacher tell me things that are happening; things that have already happened and now that I know and have been told, some things that just shouldn’t happen at all.

I’ve read so many books on PR, Marketing, Networking and more. Now with starting a new business. I needed honesty. And I like Jason and David’s honesty in REWORK. They did it. They made mistakes. They thought it through. They decided on it. And REWORK and it is working beautifully!

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