Get Ready for Social Marketing Automation!

Today, Marketo is igniting a new era of marketing automation with the acquisition of social campaign management platform Crowd Factory. Together, we will deliver the world’s first integrated Social Marketing Automation solution. This is a wildly exciting time for Marketo!

As our first acquisition, today’s news is directly supportive of our vision to provide the best, most innovative and productive marketing and revenue analytics solutions on the market.  Social marketing campaigns and marketing automation have been like the proverbial two ships passing in the night, with most social marketing tools sitting in silos disconnected from mainstream marketing processes. Today we have changed that game.

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‘Rocket Fuel’ and Marketo’s $50M Funding News

This morning, we had some great news here at Marketo. We announced a large round of primary capital funding – $50 million – led by new investors Battery Ventures. We’re delighted to welcome Battery, and General Partner Neeraj Agrawal, to the Marketo journey.

The media have been enthusiastic about our news, but today’s announcement is just the tip of the iceberg of a truly breakout year for Marketo. The broader business economy is hungry for ways to grow, especially given the current economic climate (I recently wrote on Forbes about the ways turmoil breeds opportunity). Indeed, there’s a new class of cloud technology that is transforming the enterprise, and business overall. Marketo is right in the thick of that transformative shift.

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Being ‘More Connected’ – Key Step in Owning a Seat at the Revenue Table

In my continuing series of blog posts on gaining that proverbial “seat” at the senior management table, I have discussed the importance of being more agile and social in marketing, and throughout the entire revenue process. In this week’s post, I focus on the importance of being increasingly more “connected” in all of your marketing, sales, and revenue-oriented activities.

Of course, a sure fire way to strengthen connectivity – as well as enhance both agility and social media engagement – is adopting Revenue Performance Management (RPM). At its core, RPM is all about driving integration between the corporate functions that are so crucial to generating more revenue, but which too often operate as disconnected silos.

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