Use Digital Listening to Connect with Customers ~via @Workfront_Inc

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When it comes to getting to know your customers, knowing how to “look people in the eye digitally” has never been more important. Picking up the phone is often the last option for most consumers today. They can get everything they need to make a buying decision online for all but the most complex sales. So how can marketers stay close to the customer without having a lot of one-on-one interaction? How can they discover the customer’s pain points and glean enough information to say the right things without a lot of face time?

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Change Management is Hard, Here Are 4 Ways to Make it Easier


Before you attempt a big change in your company, whether it’s a brand overhaul or a systems change, make sure all who are affected know what you’re doing and why. Keeping your business running smoothly in a transition means addressing the needs of your employees before, during and after the change. So let’s start at the beginning and work forward.

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Empathy: The Groundwork for Building Lasting Relationships



The “and so it goes” phenomenon of going back to school that was so prevalent when school started again this year reminded me of how important milestones are to the people experiencing them, and why we need to cultivate empathy in all of our relationships (especially during those milestones). Perhaps you’re a parent sending a child off to a new school or college, an employer welcoming a new employee, or even a salesperson nurturing a prospect through a difficult decision-making process. In any type of relationship, the ability to empathize with what the other person is going through is critical.

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Let’s Help Everyone in 2016 “Metaphorically Skip” With Every Interaction

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Need to lower the stress from a frustrating workday or find a way to put yourself in that “happy” place? Learn from children and skip. I’m not kidding! It might sound silly, but it really isn’t. The act of skipping (with or without a rope) involves both sides of the brain, plus it improves coordination, muscle tone—even bone density. Read more on the benefits of skipping here:

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Be Truly Present, Be Good to People


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Ted Rubin, Future Strong Hero Interview ~via Bill Jensen
Social Marketing Strategist, Acting CMO of Brand Innovators
Author, Return on Relationship

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How do you stay Future Strong? Back in 1997, I was with working with
Seth Godin at Yoyodyne when he coined the term, Permission Marketing.
That’s where my focus — Return on Relationship — got started, and I
carried that into the social commerce explosion.

My advice to everyone is stop worrying about what’s next, and execute
on what’s now. I see too many people looking too far out into the future.
I am rarely the first guy on new platforms. It’s not because I’m just
waiting to see if they take hold. It’s because I’m very busy executing
in the current media. I’m very present.

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A CONVERSATION WITH: Social Media Strategist Ted Rubin ~via @LeadershipandMo

Today leadership is about more than getting things done through others and business is more than just return on investment and the bottom  line. Today, employees and customers want the same things; they want an experience, a connection and a relationship that goes beyond a transaction. If they can’t get those they won’t hesitate to go someplace else.

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