Is the Brand Love Affair with Snapchat Sustainable?


The buzz surrounding Snapchat for brands is definitely at a high decibel level. And just like other new social apps, there are lots of tutorials and how-to articles being created on a daily basis to show you how to get the most out of the platform. But what happens after the “shiny new toy” syndrome wears off? Is the millennial audience going to get disenchanted and be looking around for the next new thing? Perhaps not, if you play your cards right.

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Get it right: The Difference Between “Social Spend” and “Advertising Spend”


Social spend—you can’t escape the term in the marketing world, but what does it really mean? Most of the articles and statistics you see on social spend are narrow in focus—it’s all about ad buys. From that perspective, social spend sets a new all-time high every year. In 2015, the estimated social ad spend checked in at nearly $24 billion, largely thanks to mobile advertising. This year, it will surely be even higher.

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Use Digital Listening to Connect with Customers ~via @Workfront_Inc

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When it comes to getting to know your customers, knowing how to “look people in the eye digitally” has never been more important. Picking up the phone is often the last option for most consumers today. They can get everything they need to make a buying decision online for all but the most complex sales. So how can marketers stay close to the customer without having a lot of one-on-one interaction? How can they discover the customer’s pain points and glean enough information to say the right things without a lot of face time?

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Empathy: The Groundwork for Building Lasting Relationships



The “and so it goes” phenomenon of going back to school that was so prevalent when school started again this year reminded me of how important milestones are to the people experiencing them, and why we need to cultivate empathy in all of our relationships (especially during those milestones). Perhaps you’re a parent sending a child off to a new school or college, an employer welcoming a new employee, or even a salesperson nurturing a prospect through a difficult decision-making process. In any type of relationship, the ability to empathize with what the other person is going through is critical.

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