Conversation is the Ultimate Content

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Make your content focused on conversation instead of thinking of yourself as a media business like so many are now preaching. Instead think of your brand as the people who make it up, and change the focus from “Convince & Convert” to “Converse & Convert!” Content creates conversation between you and more importantly amongst others.  … Read more


Dynamic Signal: Taking Employee Advocacy to New Levels


You’ve heard me talk about employee advocacy before, and how important it is to Empower your Employees (who will then Power your Brand) and to encourage them to “be social” in today’s relationship age. The fact that relationships are the new currency is true whether you are looking for a job, planning an event or selling a product/service. That being said, I’m always on the lookout for companies that “get” this concept, and especially for a company that can help other companies to start doing the same. To this end I recently joined Dynamic Signal’s Advisory Board and am working with them to make their product the best it can be. … Read more


Should We Take the Word “Media” out of Social Media? ~via @InsideCXM


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that social conversation has changed the way business gets done. People have argued with me about this, but the simple fact of the matter is, the change hasn’t been brought about by the social “industry” so much as by the way people use technology and social platforms. It’s all about people relating to each other as individuals.

In fact, the only way I think of social media as media anymore is in the advertising component. But advertising is advertising. It’s still a one-way message blasted to a broad audience, and always has been. The social change that I’m talking about, where relationships are built and nurtured, is all about conversation. It’s about where communication, collaborative consumption, and overall insight is being built into every facet of business. … Read more


When People ask me What’s the ROI of Social…

When people ask me what’s the ROI of Social, I ask them… what’s the ROI of Trust, and what’s the ROI of Loyalty. The answer, when used to build relationships the results will be… longer lifetime value of a customer, larger average order value, and increased frequency of purchase. All measurable and all lead to increased sales and profits.
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Feeling Thankful for Human Interaction

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Humans have become adept at automating everything, and we’re rapidly replacing human effort with mechanization and/or computerization. We have found a way to automate more and more tasks in our factories, schools, medicine, even communication! While this is often a good thing, we’re also coming to terms with the fact that we can’t (and shouldn’t) automate every aspect of our lives. Some of us have found out the hard way that just because you can automate a process, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. And that’s especially true of human interaction. I’m feeling particularly thankful that business seems to be finally taking a closer look at the value of building relationships and their critical importance. … Read more


Events, Traveling and Relationships

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The beauty of events and traveling is the ability to take relationships developed digitally to a face-to-face encounter that cements the connection. Most think this does not scale, but it does because when you make this a regular part of your travels, always reaching out and creating “moments,” others participate vicariously and feel a part of those meetings when you share them socially. … Read more