Social Media: The Fabric of Community

Time to acknowledge the obvious: few things have had as much impact on the fabric of marketing as has the emergence of “Social Media.” In his book – The Chaos Scenario, author, AdAge columnist and NPR commentator Bob Garfield goes as far as heralding the end of mass marketing as we know it.

While many organizations (and marketers, for that matter) wrestle with the function and role of Social Media, and more still will debate some or all of Garfield’s conclusions, few will argue that things are changing. Fast. So, for strategists, marketers and C-suite leaders, here’s an abbreviated take on what is changing, and at least part of why Social Media seems to be growing exponentially at the heart of the change.

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Everyone has a BRAND!

Let’s face it…we use the word “Brand” all of the time. We talk of brands we like, as well as the ones we do not like. Successful organizations have established valuable brand equity and a strong brand name. I have come up with an acronym that can help you to better understand and further relate to the subject of a brand.

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What Your PR Firm Should Be Doing For Your Business!

I tell our clients often that “social media” does not replace traditional communications and core strategies that work and will continue to work (generate revenue). Social Media gives businesses another form of information distribution and simply put, is a great way to communicate information to an unlimited number of people (customers) efficiently.

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B2B leaders…wake up!

A chance encounter on Twitter
I was fortunate to have Brett Greene follow me on Twitter. As I’ve outlined in an earlier post, I don’t automatically follow people back. So, I checked out Brett’s profile to learn a little bit more about who he is, what he’s sharing and talking about. I think this is the coolest part of the social media experience for me. Why? You discover really cool people, ideas and content.

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Social Media Capital: New paradigm for Value Creation, Learning & Leadership

For anyone who has “seen the social media light” there is no longer any doubt that the social media genie is out of the bottle and never going back. Regardless of which tools, sites and plumbing are in favor today or in the future, it matters little, there is now a collective will to communicate and mobilize people in this manner and thereby create greater value for all. Social Media Capital: New paradigm for Value Creation, Learning & Leadership

Welcome to the world of Agile Social Marketing!

Listening to Rob Katz CEO of Vail Resorts describe their dramatic shift from traditional long horizon glossy high end ad buys, to holding onto the lion’s share of ad dollars until the right moment, reminds me of the concept of agile manufacturing. Welcome to the world of Agile Social Marketing!

Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape

Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape

Still as valid now, if not more so, than when presented in September 2008!

Stop doing things you hate – you can lose just as much money being happy as hell.
Do something. Care about everything. Give a shit.
Have a business model. Make some cash along the way.
Legacy is better then currency. Make your grand children happy.
If you make good stuff people will follow.
You must believe in what you are doing. 100%.
We can only play once. One life.
Brand equity. Build it in yourself.
Believe. Work hard. Know what you are doing.
If you love it you will win.
Be completely transparent. You’re legacy is your life.
Stop thinking about tools. Use all of them. Connect where you can.
Be authentic. Do what you’re about.
How do you get money for what you love? You don’t. You position yourself to make money. Find the time. Work!

Social CMO Profile – Ted Rubin of e.l.f. cosmetics

Social, approachable, driven and eager to share are all traits that come to mind when I think of Ted Rubin (@tedrubin) the affable Chief Marketing Officer for e.l.f. ~ eyes lips face.

When I first approached Ted through Twitter to talk about a case study relative to the use of social media at e.l.f., Ted said “Well there’s nothing written down on it I can just send you, but I’m happy to book some time and talk with you about it.” resulting in this Social CMO profile.

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