Why Marketing is Best Suited to Manage Corporate Social Media

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Why is Marketing best suited to manage corporate social media activities?
At the core social media activities are a function of Marketing, just as PR, Communications and Customer Service should be. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. IMHO, the CMO should oversee all marketing, PR, communications, customer service, and customer experience management. Every touch point with the consumer needs to come under her purview. Often this is not the case—customer service and communications/pr are often siloed. This is a big mistake in the new marketing/social world since the message needs to emanate from one source. True marketers understand that they must be the lead stewards for brand, reputation, communication, and customer relationships.

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Establishing Trust: a Crucial Pillar in Building Customer Experience

Trust #1

Communication: We know that in order to build trust with another person there must be good, two-way communication. It’s central to our existence as human beings, yet we struggle with it every day. Multiply that struggle by the number of people in your organization, and you can begin to see just how essential communication is in building trust with your employees, vendors, partners and customers.

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Videos and Visions: Of Omni-Channel and Airports

VIDEOS & Vision

So… what does the future of retail look like and what might an airport have to do with this?

Well first off, Omni-Channel’s a great buzzword, but how best to define the term and how can retailers (and even airport authorities) get from where they are today to the promised land?

This week’s share ‘Videos and Visions: Of Omni-Channel and Airports’ seeks to shed more light on both the definition and growing manifestation of future state omni-channel retailing.

To get started you should check out part of Jim Tompkins video ‘The Titans’ specifically focusing on his third game changing strategy ‘Omni-Channel Retail’

The entire video is 34 minutes long (well worth a look) but for today’s purpose have only selected the last 15 minutes in which Jim puts forward one of the most condensed, compelling and complete definitions of omni-channel retail I’ve seen to date!

Sure hope you enjoyed Jim Tompkins expanded views on omni-channel retail and how mastering same will truly be a game changing strategy for those retailers who successfully cross the chasm.

Evolution to omni-channel retail is all about transforming the customer journey and what better place to begin talking about journeys than the airport!

Omni-channel evolution is all about taking the ordinary, re-imagining what could be and then recreating the traditional customer experience into the extraordinary.

This is what has been done at the Frankfurt Airport through their omni-channel e-commerce transformation as highlighted in this video!

How are 160,000 daily travellers contributing to making the Frankfurt Airport the largest shopping mall in Germany?

The answer is e-commerce integration leveraging space and time to uncover opportunities for travellers to take better advantage of time during delays, stores in other terminals of airport and keep up with gate changes to ensure packages get to passengers before departure.

These opportunities also extend to arriving/returning passengers who can have their groceries ready for pick up upon their arrival/return to conveniently take home with them regardless of the time of day.

All of this was developed for Kai Schmidhuber of Frankfurt Airport courtesy of Kian Gould and the team at AOE, along with Magento, representing just one more example of how omni-channel continues to transform how we’ll all shop in the future!

Let’s now re-imagine all of the ordinary in a digital lens to see where space and dead time can be leveraged; the waiting room, concert venues, commuter trains/stations, sports stadiums, the gas station and even the shopping mall are all places ripe for re-invention.

Time to digitally rethink the ordinary to discover and create the truly exceptional.


Jeff Ashcroft

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