Let’s Help Everyone in 2016 “Metaphorically Skip” With Every Interaction

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Need to lower the stress from a frustrating workday or find a way to put yourself in that “happy” place? Learn from children and skip. I’m not kidding! It might sound silly, but it really isn’t. The act of skipping (with or without a rope) involves both sides of the brain, plus it improves coordination, muscle tone—even bone density. Read more on the benefits of skipping here: http://www.iskip.com/what_is_Iskip/index.htm

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Be Truly Present, Be Good to People


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Ted Rubin, Future Strong Hero Interview ~via Bill Jensen
Social Marketing Strategist, Acting CMO of Brand Innovators
Author, Return on Relationship

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How do you stay Future Strong? Back in 1997, I was with working with
Seth Godin at Yoyodyne when he coined the term, Permission Marketing.
That’s where my focus — Return on Relationship — got started, and I
carried that into the social commerce explosion.

My advice to everyone is stop worrying about what’s next, and execute
on what’s now. I see too many people looking too far out into the future.
I am rarely the first guy on new platforms. It’s not because I’m just
waiting to see if they take hold. It’s because I’m very busy executing
in the current media. I’m very present.

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A CONVERSATION WITH: Social Media Strategist Ted Rubin ~via @LeadershipandMo

Today leadership is about more than getting things done through others and business is more than just return on investment and the bottom  line. Today, employees and customers want the same things; they want an experience, a connection and a relationship that goes beyond a transaction. If they can’t get those they won’t hesitate to go someplace else.

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Roles of the CMO and CIO



The CMO should oversee all marketing, PR, communications, customer service, and customer experience management. Every touch point with the consumer needs to come under her purview. Often this is not the case—customer service and communications are often siloed. This is a big mistake in the new marketing/social world.

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So… What is #NoLetUp! ???

#NoLetUp 2

There’s a buddy of mine named Tony Luisi, whom I met when I was at 1-800-Flowers. He was on my team and supported me with corporate sales and a lot of other things. A very active guy, a ball player and a Dad, Tony started using the phrase “No Let Up,” with regard to honoring persistence and a relentless spirit, and fund-raising purposes for worthy causes. Tony thought it was a great fit for me, too, so he reached out and suggested I use it in some way. It really resonated with me so I created the hashtag #NoLetUp! and started using it in a number of different contexts and incorporating it in my Return on Relationship and #ThisDadWontQuit message. Here’s what it means to me.

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The Battle Between “Busy” and “Productive”


Today we have unprecedented access to information anywhere and anytime. We can multitask using multiple screens, and we can connect and converse on the fly—yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. Do you think that our increased level of “connectedness” today has anything to do with being busier, yet less productive? You bet it does, and I fall victim to this just as much as anyone else. In fact, I notice more and more these days that I need to “unplug” on a regular basis in order to regain some equilibrium. Do you notice that in your life as well? Here are a few tips I’ve gleaned from personal experience that can help you stay productive without being overwhelmed with busy-ness:

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How Bad Structure Kills Creativity, Productivity and Morale ~ via @Workfront_inc

Poor work structure not only kills creativity, says Ted Rubin, but also ruins all the factors that create success.

As part of the Workfront “Structure Grows Creativity” project, we asked marketing thought leaders to give us their take on the ongoing “Structure vs. Creativity” debate. This is what Ted Rubin, speaker, strategist, and CMO at Brand Innovators, had to say…

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