Facebook: The Social Accelerator?

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We live in a world of accelerating change. As our communication technologies evolve, it becomes easier to connect more and more of us around the planet to each other. The web collapses space and time, dissolves geographic boundaries, and gives us windows into each other’s worlds.This is causing shifts in the way individuals perceive themselves, their immediate relationships with friends and communities, and the context of how they relate to society at large. 

David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, prognosticates, “Just by increasing the efficiency of communication and reducing friction in relationships between people, particularly on a global basis, it will lead to a more integrated sense of humanity.”

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Video Interview: Social Media in the Supply Chain

Happy to have the opportunity to share with all of you the video of an interview I did with SupplyChainBrain on Social Media in the Supply Chain recorded at the Aberdeen SCM Summit in San Francisco.

Even if you’re not in supply chain directly, many of the concepts discussed on employee engagement and empowerment can equally be applied in many industries and large organizations. As well one of my favorite topics lately which can also be generally applied is functional integration and this represents a key benefit to be gained through companies using social media.

This speaks to functional integration both within your own company but social media also facilitates the ability to more easily functionally integrate across company lines back to your suppliers and downstream to customers as well.

Once you’ve watched the video I’d be very interested in your sharing comments here and on the You Tube channel of how this resonates with you or any related experiences and successes you can share.


Jeff Ashcroft


Smashing the Silos with Social Media

Smashing Silos

Our world is made up of silos.

People seem to instinctively create barriers around what they feel is their territory and so a silo is formed. Many people also feel the need to classify everyone and everything mentally tossing it into the bucket or silo where they think the person, thing or idea belongs.

Whether due to demonstrating personal power or simply for mental convenience, our instinctive urge to build a silo, or pop everything and everyone into one, inhibits both communication and performance.

And both of these actions divide us.

Silos inside companies, between companies, silos of nation, of class, of race, of religion, of politics and of sex have led us to today’s uneasy stalemate of apathy and inertia.

Living among these silos and allowing them to instantaneously limit our thoughts and actions as well as our perceived ability to create any change has in itself become a self fulfilling prophecy.

By so suppressing our urge to speak and the belief that anyone is listening, these silos have also effectively taken away our voice.

Social media gives us back our voice.

As employees, consumers and citizens the first thing we must do with this emerging communications ability is break down the silos.

Smashing the silos inside and between companies and interacting dynamically with employees, customers and suppliers with a single focus on goals through social media will determine which companies will thrive in the future verus those that will die along with the siloized past.

Effective communication mobilized into action is the key capability that has gone missing in our world and this competence can now be restored utilizing social media as the catalyst for change.

Jeff Ashcroft