8 thoughts on “A Corporate Social Media Policy: Do You Really Need One?

  1. This is a very timely subject that most companies need to address. Kent makes several valid points about the core reasons to publish a corporate social media policy for employees. Minimizing risks for the firm is certainly critical and providing guidelines to employees can prevent them from firing at will. Employees may not realize that they bear an important responsibility for the brand they may Tweet about. A brand image is a precious commodity and employees must always be aware of the risk of damaging the brand. Without an official corporate social media policy serious issues will develop. Kent includes a great list of points that a social media policy should contain. There is an old saying: do the before math so you don’t have to do the aftermath.

  2. Kent, this is a blockbuster post. Probably the most cogent and thorough I have seen on the topic. I have a post coming up Monday on a related topic and will reference this fine work. Really wonderful. Thank you!


  3. Kent,

    Very useful overview of how to do this. I am evaluating how to implement an Social Media policy now with my company and will make this required reading for our management.

    @markschaefer – thanks for sharing this!

  4. Some interesting observations. One concern, however is the link between home and work. I agree fully that whilst using Social Media as an identified employee of the company a person should act in a way appropriate to the aims of the company. Where I don’t agree is that outside of this parameter a person should still act in this way.

    If I have a personal blog I should be free to express my views, regardless of whether they align with the company or not. Of course I should not disclose company secrets, but I see no more issue with expressing views online than in the pub.

    It should be down to me as the individual to determine what I wish to post online and the effect that will have on “brand me.”

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