4 thoughts on “What Your PR Firm Should Be Doing For Your Business!

  1. Congrats, Amy! You hit the PR nail on the head for your comrades and your clients. Storytelling, dot-connecting, team player, “No” enforcerer at times–all great qualities in a PR professional.

    As much as we are energized by social media networking and marketing (I love to tell stories in 140 character tweets!), it’s good to remember that the timeless tools in our toolbox–story pitches, opinion editorials, media releases, event sponsorships, guest columns, expert sources–are building blocks for social media to increase the client’s influence. And that translates to more sales and market share.

    If the client has to come to us with fresh ideas and new stories to tell, then the PR professional has to rethink his or her role of chief influencer.

    Loved the “team player” mention too. PR needs buy-in from the top down to really achieve company-wide success. Your clients should be very proud of your commitment to their success! Memphis is lucky to have you.

  2. Amy, thanks for connecting the dots for me. I think your post addresses a wider audience, than just PR.

    While PR, customer service, and direct sales are uniquely placed to exploit the potpourri of social media, they will only become more important in future, as advances in mobile technology, and location intelligence, leads to further channel fragmentation.

    Look forward to your next post.


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