Innovate or Follow… but be sure to evolve

Everyone in every business is tempted to continue doing what works, maintain the status quo, don’t rock the boat, etc.

Embracing this strategy might seem to work for giants like Cisco, Microsoft, and now Google (although they do not seem likely to take this approach), but most companies, especially those trying to surprise (and surpass) the “giants” and disrupt the market or simply stay ahead, must innovate and by doing so shake the grounds of the market they work in. If you do not have it in you to innovate, then be sure to watch the market closely and get on the heels of those that do!

This is especially true in the social media/marketing space right now. What was new yesterday is what everyone is doing today so even more important now than ever as everything moves so quickly and adoption rates hit exponential levels.

If you do not evolve your approach and look to get on the cutting edge of the new… you will be left behind. Maybe not today or tomorrow… but too soon.