2 thoughts on “American Wellness, Internet and Social Media

  1. The availability of health information online better prepares us for a vigorous “healthy” discussion with our doctors. Rather than visit our doctor totally unprepared, we are now walking in much smarter and asking more insightful questions.

    This begs the questions, is knowledge power? Answer depends if knowledge is correct and are digital medical diagnosis healthy for us. My opinion, without a doubt!

    Just as a fighter pilot climbs into the cockpit to take command of his jet, Americans are now better prepared use the Web to take charge of their own personal healthcare mission.

    The Internet has truly empowered us to become smarter about our own healthcare leveraging social news, social networking, and user generated content — seeking communities of interest from Twitter, to YouTube to Facebook. Americans are experiencing a flood of useful healthcare information, making us more aware, smarter, and confident. Americans can seek the advice and care of their doctor while being much better informed and prepared.

    Excellent article, Alex!

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