3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want Traffic

  1. Hi Rick,

    Interesting post and very cool to hear it from an iconic B2C company like McDonalds. I am curious as to why you wouldn’t include some capability for branded customer community within your website?

    Even if its just to support local teams your restaurants sponsor, your hockey card collectors, or cross promotions with Disney – a branded McD’s community would be valuable wouldn’t it?

    I think public social media acts like a lightning rod in many ways for companies like McDonalds attracting, potentially, a lot of folk who just plain don’t like you. Its why most of the telcos in Canada don’t do it – too much negative conversation.

    I don’t know the answers really, but doesn’t it eventually have to be balanced between public and branded?

    I have always believed that branded customer communities are the best breeding ground for creating customer brand champions and building loyalty with your customers and heavy users. Combined within something like an iCoke.ca rewards program or integrating at the restaurant level in some way (McCafe social groups for example), it can build significant membership.

    Either way, I am intrigued by your approach to Social Media and in seeing how it will work out for you.

    All the best with the launch!

    Jeff – Sensei

  2. I hope you do want traffic into your restaurants 😉

    My point: as much as I do agree with you that measuring traffic to your web-site is no longer (has it ever been?) a good metric, the metrics that you are talking about, make sense only if they show good correlation with traffic to the restaurants.. or sales of products that you had conversations on etc etc..

    If there is a clear correlation between your metrics and the metric that counts, than you know it makes sense to drive these conversations.. If not, you may as well be measuring web-site traffic..



    Wim Rampen
    @wimrampen on Twitter

  3. Wim & Jeff:

    Both excellent comments. Thanks for your feedback.

    A branded (or semi-branded) community as a conversation destination is an intriguing prospect. Lots of clear benefits, but “getting it right” would be a tougher nut to crack than driving traffic to it.

    In regards to traffic and ROI….Web traffic could be the single most important metric for certain brands, but for me it isn’t important. But when I can correlate social media programs to foot traffic to our restaurants, that will be a banner day.

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