7 thoughts on “What Don Draper Can Teach You About Social Media

  1. In 2010, Don Draper would be an avid twitter user and would leverage his extraordinary talents to draw followers to his agency. Memorable stories and tweets would give SCDP an edge in a very crowded marketplace. Agree that ‘transparency’ is key and Don missed an ideal interview opportunity with the leading industry trade publication of its time: Ad Age. Of course, Ad Age is still very relevant today (particularly adage.com). Don would find that Twitter would be an invaluable new business tool.

    Mark Burgess

  2. Great post, Rachel!

    I believe the one threat to social media being holistically embraced is insecurity. There has never been so much of it floating around the higher echelons of corporations.

    C-suites are flooded with egos finessed only on hollow promises and track records based on yesterday achievements. This is the problem.

    When few CEOs and CMOs are willing to take risks for the future of the enterprises they serve, it is little surprise to me that they have a hostile tendency towards things that could potential compromise their wafer-thin reputations.

    Yet industry today more than ever needs visionaries and strategists with a proclivity for change.

    Let’s hope Don Draper can inspire those of his ilk in the real world with his new-found adaptability and agility to evolve.

  3. Hi Mark – Yes, I can see Don on Twitter. He’d make SCDP a social media legend.

    Hi Dave – Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps the insecurity is also fear of letting the public have more control over their brands.

    Hi Aaron – Thanks! I’m glad you liked the post.

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