5 thoughts on “Going Beyond Social Media Reach

  1. “Quality matters more than Quantity” <— Same old marketing rule, so relevant in Social Media efforts to build your newtwork or community.

    Same old rule that too many marketers just don't apply … !!

    This is an Excellent (and so relevant) blog post Amber.

  2. Hi Amber,
    Nice post. Fully agree with you that Reach is fundamentally a ‘potential’ metric. Reach represents Opportunities To See (OTS) and really tells you nothing about how many people actually saw the content, found it relevant and took some action (engagement/interaction).

    I do disagree on little on how you are defining relevant reach. The way this term is often used is to define, out of all the OTS, how many people potentially reached were actually part of the intended target audience. So, if you are targeting females age 18 – 34 with your content/product, you should only take credit for the number of 18 – 34 year old females who had the potential to see your content, not everyone. Same concept with traditional media relations, you would take credit only for the number of 18 – 34 year old females in the circulation of a newspaper or magazine where you got a hit/placement.

    The way you are defining ‘relevant reach’ to me is more accurately defined as an engagement metric, not an exposure/reach metric. If the receiver takes an action (reading, retweeting, clicks a link, etc.) you’ve moved to engagement.

    -Don B @Donbart

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