Introducing #Link4Lunch ~ A New Way of Sharing!

Always thinking about methods of encouraging and improving the productive sharing of quality information on Twitter, this week I have come up with the #Link4Lunch Hashtag.

It seems that many folks around the world are now are foregoing reading a paper at lunch and instead are looking at what others are posting on Twitter on a relatively random basis while scarfing down their sandwich or tofu & avocado salad.

So the concept is quite simple and aims to improve this user experience of casual lunchtime Twitterowsing through utilizing #Link4Lunch. What I am suggesting is that each tweep interested in participating in #Link4Lunch select what they think is the BEST and MOST INTERESTING link they have come across in the last 24 hours and post it between the hours of 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm using the hashtag #Link4Lunch.

I would suggest that each person only select and tweet one link each day and ensure that it is of GREAT quality to be their #Link4Lunch tweet. And honestly if you don’t have something you think is a great post, article, pic, comic, news story or something else then DON’T tweet a #Link4Lunch that day.

So here was the very first #Link4Lunch tweet I made today at 12:20pm and I plan to do the same everyday with the BEST link I find to share with all of you in the Twittersphere who follow @TheSocialCMO

To make it easy to follow everyone’s #Link4Lunch contribution each day I have already established a page on WhatTheHashtag so that you can easily watch the #Link4Lunch stream without getting any mustard on you!

So I hope you all will give #Link4Lunch a go tomorrow between 12:00 noon & 1:00pm and we’ll all see where this one goes!


Jeff Ashcroft


5 thoughts on “Introducing #Link4Lunch ~ A New Way of Sharing!

  1. Love it! making streaming (& and life) so much easier…is like a little corner in Twitter where you can go and find the most interesting or curious information for the day!

    #Link4Lunch=Great concept!


    @my agenda

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