3 thoughts on “The 5 Keys to Successful Online Demand Generation

  1. Thanks Jeff! Honored by your kind words.

    Yes, wisdom in its simplest forms can be expressed in many ways but the message is always the same.

    With all of my customers i try to teach them to to move through an evolutionary shift in their approach to the customer from: customer-centric to customer-enabled to customer-advocate. The 5 keys (and your 6) particularly Share, Serve and Listen help to catalyze that evolution.

    The huge gains in new customers and customer retention can be addictive once they start experiencing it!

    I’ve often encouraged my clients to try “speed dating” as a concept for understanding what their customers go through. We have actually set-up business speed dating to help them understand that talking about themselves just doesn’t attract people.

    Thanks for the comment and look forward to future conversations!

    Jeff – Sensei

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