2 thoughts on “Dump your followers!

  1. Sounds about right. Its hard to gauge what your passive followers,fans whatever are doing, but for all you know they are doing quite a lot.At the very least they are are a channel for your tweets,comments etc so should be viewd as important..Just because they are not engaging in the ‘conversation ‘does not mean they are not listening to you .

  2. Bill! Great post and my sentiments almost exactly.

    Engagement these days, with the massive scale of the major social media sites, is hard to come by… I mean true engagement. I read recently that something like 97% of tweets are never interacted with in anyway by another individual. That means that the absolute vast majority of twitter users (including myself, let’s be honest) use the site to do two things: observe and broadcast.

    Facebook, on an individual basis, is much riper for conversation, simply because you’re connected to a smaller group of people and can easily have side conversations. It’s news feed algorithms do seem to try to serve you up posts from people that you’d be interested in hearing from (an interesting article in ReadWriteWeb showed me this recently). But, that being said, I fear that for most brands trying to engage on Facebook, it’s not as effective as every social guru would hope. For instance, Coke and Facebook boast about Coke’s 10 million “likes” on their page, but really… what percentage of consumers who’ve said that they “like” coke are having any sort of conversation with them, or even listening to their posts? Probably not many.

    I guess my point is that while I do believe that online social interaction and engagement is incredibly important to a brand and will only become more important, I don’t think most of us have figured out how to actually do anything to be effective yet. We need to continue to innovate, but be realistic about how consumers actually use and engage (or don’t engage) on these services.

    But that’s just me, I’m sure many would disagree.


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