7 thoughts on “Social Media and the Power of Business Etiquette

  1. Anne, thanks so much for mentioning our book in this very thoughtful post. We couldn’t agree with you more. The power social media has given us infinitely greater opportunities to spread what we like to call “positive seeds” across the Web. Our tiniest online actions can have truly outsize consequences–and that’s why it’s essential to make each link in your online network a good one.

  2. You are a most gracious person, Anne, and live what you’ve written about in this post. Thanks for being a model I’m proud to have my students, my clients, emulate!

  3. Anne, great things to remember for someone wrapping up college and looking to enter the job market. How often we can overlook the common sense lessons in life.

  4. Great tips. I only mentioned to my team this morning how emails are the easiest way to contribute to the demise of a brand. Poorly written emails, over time seem to reflect poorly on that company – subconsciously anyway. My whole impression of that company is generally just from one person and if they get it wrong…. unlucky.@karenbrook

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