4 thoughts on “The Personal ROI of Social Media

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if we will ever get to the point where SM will be as accepted as beers and biz talk at the 9th hole but I think blogs with messages like this help.

    Thanks for this.


  2. Amber, what a great post! Thank you for writing it. I have experienced all of the same gifts you have. It amazes me how much closer and broader my world has become because of the connections I have made. I Tweeted Thomas Friedman, and asked him if he’d like to co-author The World Is Close about this very subject. Hmmm…he never responded…well! 😉 I digress…

    While reading your words “Yeah, but…” that so many skeptics and naysayers like to use, the words “Yeah, AND…” came to mind as the words that would be better choices when it comes to Social Media because of what can be experienced in these spaces. Thanks for a refreshing post Amber. In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you!

  3. Amber that is well said madame ( as we say in form of respect down south)

    My world along with yours and Nancy has grown stronger and richer with through social media and the connections I have garnered.

    One of my favorite I spent this entire week with training a new team on internet marketing and in January we will train them on adding social to a great foundation.

    It is wonderful to walk in a room and know hey we met through twitter and now are creating family as well as business together. Now that’s ROI ;))

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