3 thoughts on “Rethinking Social Strategy

  1. Amber great perspective on how and what businesses need to do. I like aspect in particular is “bravery!” There is no playbook, we are still building the plane while we are flying, and some mistakes are going to be made. The bravery part will definitely come when the C-Suite interacts and starts relying on lower levels of their organizations to teach some of the these new things. That really takes bravery to seek out these individuals pick up the phone, send an email, text them “Hey could you stop by my office for a couple hours and show me some things about the social internet from a how to and social dynamics” Image the person getting this reach out…..the loyalty and being a part of something bigger than themselves on both end of the organization.

    This takes bravery on both sides one to reach out and the other side being prepared to help higher level folks.

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