Every once in a while, when we least expect it, life gives us a new turn, a twist and sometimes a shake. And we often don’t know what to do. Three weeks ago I was told something that would once again in the past 1 1/2years  change my life and my perceptions on how short and valuable life is. But what is most important, once I heard the news and got into my car to head home to soak it all in, my Garmin said something I had heard a million times before ( see I am geographically challenged and need my Garmin for directions) she said “recalculating.”

Normally this means, we are going in a different direction. Or, we are going to take a different route based on current input. But that day, “recalculating,” took on a whole new meaning. It meant, just that, Cd, we are still heading in new directions, you’re still learning to take a different route and most importantly based on input, whether it be health, finances, family or friends, you need to recalculate.

Recalculate > Rethink > Regroup > Look ahead > Yes it’s about you and what is happening now,  but use current circumstances (input) to rethink your goals,plans and dreams.

For all of us, we need to recalculate. You incur an injury > recalculate. You are told you are “pre-cancerous,” > recalculate. Your connections are not panning out to be what you had hoped > recalculate. You realize at the end of the day you are not the only one because someone was honest enough both personally and in business to let you know you are not alone and there are solutions > recalculate.

I believe in prayer, but sometimes prayer is just a way of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”  Prayer doesn’t always tell you to recalculate.  So you tell yourself I won’t let injuries, pre-cancerous lumps, losing a business, “sometime friends,” cause me to do the same math and end up in the same place. I need to recalculate.

  • Got a lump – keep the girls ( if you have that choice ) get help, cry, drink some wine and recalculate.
  • Trusted a few people, gave a bit much and got nothing back then recalculate
  • Loosing your hair because you are radiating purple for the next three weeks then recalculate > cut it short
  • Input new information, new resources and recalculate. 

Don’t put yourself down, doubt yourself or assume that everyone else is either doing it right or is handling it better than you. Remember, in their own way, they too sat back, by themselves or with the support of loved ones and friends and with the right input they too recalculated 

Cd Vann

3 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. Cd, appreciate you’re speaking openly about this; my husband is fighting cancer for the fifth time. Recalculating is an art we still haven’t mastered, but, by the grace of God, we’re gonna keep fighting and clinging to faith. May you be blessed with a great support network that will help you keep focused on hope. Let me know if I can help in any way, please.

  2. Cd,

    Having met you and understanding the strength of character and human spirit you possess I have no doubt this will be a challenge you will overcome.

    Perseverance, especially in the face of personal adversity, is the single most powerful trait in every successful person. You will persevere.

    We will share a many great coffees together in May at unGeeked Chicago.

    Jeff – Sensei

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