2 thoughts on “We are all Chief Marketing Officers!

  1. This is a great post Jeff and a very important message to spread. Thank you.

    I’d like to suggest that maybe the rest of the title should be: “and… U R ALSO A SALESPERSON!” As you said in the post: “No matter where you work, what your role is, or who you are…”

    Clearly as a CMO everyone creates brand impressions all the time while also generating demand but it doesn’t end there. Marketing and Sales along with ALL other company employees participate in a continuum that exists from the first brand impression, through closing the deal, on to delivering service and back in a circle to the beginning again.

    Even though someone else may be charged with making a sale and closing the deal, I like to insure that the entire enterprise (no matter how small or large) understands that marketing leads to sales, everyone is a CMO, everyone is a salesperson, AND “sales” is not a dirty word.

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