The Gamification of Social Media

Empire Avenue is the new game in town. It sits squarely in the social networking space, but it has a different twist – one from which I think businesses may be able to gain valuable insights, all while allowing people to enjoy themselves.

What is it?

Essentially, it is a rewards system that makes what we already do on the web   – create and share content – fun by making it a stock market-like atmosphere. You can earn money (their currency is “Eaves”) by buying other people and you can see your own worth rise by getting other people to invest in you. When tied to other accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs, your net worth rises based on the content you either create or share. But like the other sites, it’s also a social network itself. It’s a chance to connect and brainstorm with others by finding affinity groups (“Communities”) within Empire Avenue.

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True Love, True Loyalty on #MMchat with Judi Samuels

Our twelfth MarketerMonday Chat #MMchat was indeed a Loyalty Lovefest and our SPECIAL guest, Judi Samuels @ChiefLemonhead was our guiding light! Currently with Maritz Canada, Judi has over 10yrs of experience in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Events, Experiential Marketing and Engagement Marketing.

This is only the twelfth #MMchat we’ve held and see #MMchat for more details on MarketerMonday Chat our previous SPECIAL guests, transcripts and our upcoming schedule.

Thanks again to Judi Samuels @ChiefLemonhead and @MaritzCanada loyalty dream team members @ScottJRobinson1 & @RobinsRich as well as all of you AWESOME #MMchat tweeps who joined us and participated for this LOVELY LOYALTY embracing tweetchat!

Check out the full transcript of the chat at and please join us next week as Glen Gilmore, @GlenGilmore arrives on October 25th at 8:00 pm EST to AMAZE us all with his Trendtracker magic! See you all then!


Jeff Ashcroft