Nobody Has True National Localized Influencers Like Macaroni Kid—No One!

Are you more likely to pay attention to a product recommendation from a Google ad, or from a local parent you know and trust? If someone you know in your neighborhood offered you a useful product sample to try at just the right moment, wouldn’t you be more likely to try it with an open mind than if you were handed something randomly by an employee at a store? Most people prefer to learn about products (and a million other topics) from people who they already trust. Macaroni Kid does a better job than anyone at building a national infrastructure of trusted local influencers, and big-name brands are taking notice.

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Simplicity Is The New Everyday Low Price

Consumers have always valued simplicity, in part because it’s often not so easy to find with the retail experience. Think about how complicated it was to order something before the digital age, and how much waiting was involved. Anyone who has ever ordered something from a catalogue in the mail will know what I mean.

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Retailers: Discounting Your Way Out of Trouble Is a Death Spiral

Why ditching the discount and dialing up the customer experience (with a focus on flexibility) is more likely to deliver success. 

When a marquee brand or major, traditional retailer releases a disastrous earnings outlook, what is the first thing they usually do in an effort to bail themselves out? Far too often, they believe that they can discount and promote their way back into customers’ hearts, which misses the entire point of why they’re in trouble in the first place.

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