Social CRM: Controversial, Complex, Critical!

Here at The Social CMO we have a number of experts, definers and those interested in the implementation of Social CRM Strategies. Everytime we make a post on the topic, there is always many responses both positive, negative or debating one interpretation or another.

See our recent post from @HKotadia entitled Definition of Social CRM – Explained! and the subsequent comments discussion as just one example of how active a topic that Social CRM is currently.

Also, for those looking for a frank and simple discussion of Social CRM and the approaches and differences from traditional CRM, the below two part interview videos with Lithium CMO Sanjay Dholakia are a great starting place.

Part One of interview with Lithium CMO Sanjay Dholakia

The following is the description included with this interview series:
“Social CRM is a new strategy and applications approach that combines the power of online customer communities, broader social networks, and traditional CRM systems. In this video interview, Lithium Technologies CMO Sanjay Dholakia explains the the business value of Social CRM.

Social CRM gives companies access to previously untapped value to be found in customer generated content and customer advocates. The customer advocates—influencers—in your customer network will innovate on your products and services, promote your brand, and support your customers. And they will do so because they want to, not because you pay them.”

Part Two of interview with Lithium CMO Sanjay Dholakia

The Social CRM Continuum

The associated Social CRM approach I most like and am building off of relative to the creation of client social media strategies and my Smorganization concept is The Social CRM Continuum put forward by Esteban Kolsky. Here is a link to the slides from his most recent presentation Your Company Must be Social on the topic delivered at Sugarcon on April 13th. To get the context of this presentation, I have also included the below video clip.

Sugar CRM 2010 Conference : Esteban Kolsky presentation

Not only is he a proponent of the cross functional application of Social tools by function, similar to our belief in the need to smash the silos both within and beyond the organization. He also shares some interesting channel decision frameworks for the effective business application of social media tools.

There will no doubt be ongoing discussion and debate about Social CRM, as in my estimation it is at the very heart of the matter, where people, systems and processes meet to create and improve customer experiences in a holistic manner. Compounding the complexity of the topic and debate is the almost daily evolution in both systems and business application of Social CRM, but my faith in the power of this approach lies in the results delivered by organizations such as Zappos who have already internalized and made social media a part of their organization’s DNA.

Jeff Ashcroft

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