2 thoughts on “Three B2B Marketing Trends (To Avoid)

  1. Great points – and part of the problem is that the technology requirements exceed the skill sets of the individuals in Marketing. Remember – who was the first “webmaster” at a company – usually an it was an IT person, not a marketing person. As marketers become better technologists, that is hopefully mitigated because they do not have to depend on the schedules and priorities of other departments.

    Usually management doesn’t grasp the implications of new technologies as quickly as younger “minions” or techies do, so it is not integrated into the overall departmental activities as well as they should be.

    Factoring in an extra 10-15% may or may not be accurate, but the concept is absolutely correct – at this point in time, making the transformation into being a network-centric marketing organization remains expensive (but not as expensive as doing nothing) . The new tools that automate solve problems but create new ones – namely the tools require monitoring for performance and interpretation of data, which will be eased as marketers become better analysts.

    And yes, deadline-driven staff have never gone out of style…

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