2 thoughts on “Research: Fastest-growing companies accelerated social media usage

  1. It would be helpful to see a cross section of B2B vs. B2C. This is a timely post because a few members of a LinkedIn Group, B2B Social Media, have been discussing the B2B corporate blog and if it’s becoming passĂ© or giving way to the social sites you reference above. While I think the B2B jury is still out on the effectiveness of Facebook in the B2B marcom mix, there has been success with Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn—particularly in industrial B2b vs. high tech. Will social sites eventually supplant the corporate blog? The data seem to be leaning that way, but I think there’s a lot more to explore behind the data.

    Here’s another chart from Hubspot that places the corporate blog #4 behind Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in terms of usage. Somewhat consistent with your findings.

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